Interested in Volunteering?

Your help is welcome and always needed. The immigrant assistance center is located in the parish hall of Sacred Heart Church.  Please access the Map and Address or Click Here for address and parking locations.  Volunteers will have access to free church parking.

You will be asked to sign in and leave your driver’s license which you can pick up when you leave. Orientation is offered for new volunteers on how to assist families. You can also provide assistance by helping prepare items given to the families for their journey by sorting items, folding clothes or helping keep the center clean. If you do not speak Spanish, you can be paired up with another volunteer that does. There is no storage for your personal belongings so make plans to keep your car keys and wallet in your pocket or a sling purse.

Volunteers are particularly needed during the mid-afternoon and in the evenings.

Some volunteers from out of the region are staying at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan Hotel which is 8 miles from Sacred Heart Church.  Click Here for the Basilica Hotel website.

All are welcome! People from many religious affiliations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies are volunteering and supporting the effort. People from all parts of the country are also volunteering.

If you plan to volunteer individually or as a group, please contact the volunteer coordinators from Catholic Charities or call Catholic Charities at 956-702-4088.

Eli Fernandez
Project Manager / Donations
Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley
Human Respite Center

Brenda Nettles-Riojas
Media Relations / Reporters
Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley

Thank you for your generosity!