Providing Direct Help for Those in Need

For the past two years, large numbers of immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have entered the country and been picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol. After being processed, they are dropped off at the McAllen Bus Terminal where they wait there before leaving to their destination. The bus terminal is located two blocks from Sacred Heart Church. Many, mostly women and children, have been traveling for days or weeks and then held in detention by Border Patrol. For these immigrants, their journey has been difficult and dangerous.

Many have sought assistance from Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley (Diocese of Brownsville) has organized efforts to assist these immigrants and provide needed services in the Sacred Heart parish hall (Welcome Center). Assistance includes a bath, food and clothing. Information on their travel itinerary and an opportunity to contact someone back home. If the bus leaves early in the morning, sleeping tents are made available.

This is a collaborative effort made possible by Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, the City of McAllen and countless volunteers from all over the U.S. and other countries. The number of immigrants assisted can vary from 50 to 200 a day.

Please check this website regularly for updates and announcements on how you can help.

How You Can Help

Your donations to help these families are welcomed and appreciated.  For information on how you can donate, please access the Donate Now page or Click Here.

Volunteers are still needed for various onsite tasks, throughout the day and night.  For information on how you or your group can help, please call Catholic Charities at 956-702-4088 or access the Volunteer page or Click Here.

We have established a partnership with the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) to better store and manage items needed for this humanitarian crisis. For additional information regarding drop off locations and a list of items needed, please access the Items Needed page or Click Here.